Wood Fence Panels

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 - Exterior Design, General

Classic Wood Fence Panels

Wooden and metal are the most favorite material used for house fence. If you want to have your house in classic theme, wood is the better option instead of metal, since metal like aluminum and steel material closely associated with modern theme. Do not be worry of the durability of wood, because there are some kinds of wood which may last for some years. Be creative, do not let the fence plain, shape it into some forms and put some decorations to make it looks more interesting. Here are some ideas of classic wood fence panels which may guide you to decorate your house.

Fence material

There are many options of material available to be used as fence. If you put much concern on the durability and strength of your classic wood fence panels, western Red Cedar is one of the world’s most durable woods. The best of it, if it is finished properly, your fence will last for decades, even if it placed in harsh environment and surroundings. Do not be worry to put it outdoor, since it resists to moisture, damages which may be produced by insect and decay. To have perfect result, ask for the help of professional hands to handle the application of the fence.

Cedar Wood Fence

Cedar Wood Fence

Fence formation and decoration

Classic scheme does not mean to let things plain and less decorated. Match the form of your furniture with the fence to make the fence looks fancier. Classic theme decorations vary from floral fringe, step down, top rail to scalloped form. You can strengthen the classic theme by putting additional utility in your fence. Post caps and finials is the good option for additional ornament in your classic wood fence panels. As an addition, your outdoor fence will look more classic if you add post inbox in same material.

Fence installation

Some stores serve us with multiple options which may help you or the tailor install and decorate your fence. Remember that you may have multiple design for the post caps and finials, so choose the matched design in order to have the perfect combination for your outdoor fence. Some stores may give you the highest-grade kin-dried lumber which can be the perfect option for the installation of the fence. The material is planed, layered and glued under high pressure using the best quality of wood adhesive.

Welcoming your guest with classic theme can be started by applying classic wooden fence in the front side of your house. Pick the best quality of the material and best service of professional hand to have perfect result in your house.