Tips on selecting natural stone

Saturday, July 8th, 2017 - Tips And Guide

Natural stone is one of familiar material used to create natural view at home. This is a smart solution to bring the nature to your home. If you choose green house concept, natural stone is the answer to make it perfect.

The beauty of natural stone can hypnotize every single eye that is looking at. Its beauty is harmonic by the green house concept. You can put it near the trees or plants. If you make a little pool on your garden, natural stone will give soft and fresh looking.

There are many choices of natural stone that can be applied in the garden. But you must be careful in selecting natural stone. You have to know the best criteria of natural stone that fit to your concept. Here are some tips on selecting natural stone:

  1. Notice type of the stone

Generally, natural stone is divided into two types. They are rock slid and non solid. Rock solid is usually applied to interior and exterior elements such as andesite and pacitoroso. While non solid is used in the space which is not exposed to direct sunlight such as paliman rock and parasjogja rock.

  1. Customize with the themes

Adjust the use of natural stone with the theme of the house. For instance if you decide to built minimalist design, the natural stone you should choose must have calm texture such as andesite and templek. And for modern traditional style design, use natural stone which is natural such as split stone, temple stone, salagedang stone, purwakarta stone and bronjol stone.

  1. Adjust to the budget

Here is what you have to know, “the more solid natural stone the more expensive.” The pattern of natural stone and the installation also determine the cost. Thus, you had better survey for the needed and your budget.

  1. Material used

If you want the rest of installation good you must to pay more for the good quality cement. Beside, to make natural stone ageless you must use coatings to protect the surface of stone.