This is How to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017 - Tips And Guide

Bathroom is a special place at home or apartment. This is a place where you can get your privacy without any troubles. Make it like a spa oasis to make you feel the best relaxation. Spending a fortune? No, you can manage your fortune to make your bathroom look expensive. How? This is the secret:

  1. Fluffy stuffs

To make your bathroom look expensive, put fluffy stuffs that can start from your towels. Update it by using neutral colored fluffy towels to feel the comfort after having your tub time.

  1. Put artwork

Let your bathroom wall plain, it will bore you whereas you spent for hours to over there. Put art on your walls like an artwork or your favorite theme.

  1. Give aromatic sense

Spa usually has nice aromatic form candles. Beside these candles make it smell good, it also makes you relax. You can also give aromatic sense to your bathroom.

  1. Dim the lights

Lighting has a big impact to create certain mood. By diming the light of your bathroom, it can create sexy mood lighting. You can use small lamps, scones or candles galore to create that mood.

  1. Add greenery

Add plants indoor are not only to clear the air but also they help to create colored natural indoor. Humidity of bathroom is a good condition to make plant thrive. But choose your proper plants for your bathroom, here are recommended plants such as aloe vera, philodendrons and bamboo. Those plants don not need more sunshine.

  1. More seating

If you have large room, you can add more seating to make your bathroom look expensive and elegant. By adding more seating, you may sit while moisturizing your legs and relaxing your body. Get a fresh body after having a shower.