The Unique Ideas for Industrial Home Decor

Saturday, October 7th, 2017 - Home Decor Model

Have you ever think to have a house in industrial design? Ten years ago, the concept of industrial home decor may still not popular and desirable by society. However, in recent years the prestige of industrial concept becomes a trend, especially in the United States. This home has a completely different concept with a modern house in general. If modern homes have covered ceiling and walls, industrial home even applies the concept of “less worthy” decor as a residence. However, at this time, who would have thought that this less worthy decoration is considered attractive for some people. Some parts that look imperfect are unfinished walls, air ducts that visible on the ceiling or the floor that made of concrete.

Industrial home usually stands on the former factory building or warehouse that only focus on the functions not on the beauty. At first, the building is rented to an apartment or house. However, over time, people even apply industrial home decor as the interior design of their homes. If you are interested in this concept, you can do a variety of savings while maintaining the uniqueness of this decoration. You do not need to use expensive furniture and accessories since industrial home already has the special characteristic than other interior design.

Industrial home decor applying roof frame and ceiling that made of metal. In addition, the industrial atmosphere is also reinforced by gray and white as the base color of the decor. Let the floor in plaster without any form of additional tile or marble. You simply give the carpet so that the room feels warmer and comfortable. To eliminate the rigid impression on industrial concepts, apply bright colors that can evoke the spirit. Change the container box into a room like a casual den or family room. In terms of ventilation, this home is dominated by large glass windows that can make the room fresh and not stuffy.

With a touch of creativity, design your industrial home decor with your own ornaments. For example, you can create some photo frames that used as wall hangings. It is recommended to use the photo print in black and white. It reinforces the concept of industrial. Do not apply the colorful photographs as these are very common and often used in modern home concept. Besides, you can utilize building materials around you such as wire, pipe and cable into unique and artistic ornaments.