Rancher Floor Plans

Friday, July 7th, 2017 - Floor Designs, Home Decor Model

Designing Rancher Floor Plans

Rancher floor plans are usually using either standard design of a house with cluster of bedrooms or a split bedroom design. It is usually done in a one story house for a single family home with low pitched roof. This particular style of home is usually done horizontally facing the street and also projects low profile of a style of the house itself. It is actually one of the cheapest alternatives compared to other style and design of houses especially because of only few adornments and architectural features that decorate the home exterior. The decoration and pattern style of the exterior for the outside of the house is commonly found using straight lines making the ranch house look typical from one to another in their designs.

Since the house itself is a straight line, the interior design of the house itself usually flows horizontally in contrasts to other types of home such as colonial or cottage style of homes that usually have their rooms connected in a circular pattern. Rancher floor plans could come in different variations but usually exhibits long hallways that allow passages for additional living spaces. A typical ranch house home is built in a rectangle, L or U shape especially since they support simple designs that make every room inside the house itself easily reachable.

Cliff May first introduced Rancher floor plans style in 1932 in San Diego, California. It was quickly embraced by the development company that was popular back in that day especially because the convenient and how the plans for the house come with economic efficiency that is built from the design. By the 1950s, with the company cornering the housing market, this particular style of a home has become more and more popular especially due to the affordability of the cost in building and constructing the house itself.

Other than offering benefits that is more affordable compared to other styles of homes such as Victorian, European and colonial style, rancher house design main benefits are that these houses are going to be built in a straight and horizontal lines, which are faster to build. Rancher floor plans also separates the sleeping areas from other areas inside the house, which would be good in providing privacy for the bedrooms and encouraging families to gather in one single location inside the home itself, for example in the living room, dining room or the kitchen area.