Nail Designs

Sunday, June 18th, 2017 - General

Go Find Your Favorite Nail Designs

Anyone, who has different color in each of your nail? Okay, this is a girl for sure. The fact that girls are concern to take care of their appearance seems not to be limited to their body or face but also to their nails. Yeap, decorating nails becomes a favorite for most girls nowadays. Having a beautiful and shining nails with different colors in each one is indeed upgrade the look of your hand. No wonder then, girls love it so much. So, are you thinking of getting it done for your nails? Before deciding to get one, take a look on these several nail designs that are really cute and worth trying.

Let’s Play with Nail Art

Nail art has becoming a trend nowadays as almost every girl manages to get one for them. One reason why girls love it is because of the cute and attractive designs that make you can’t stop staring at your fingers. It makes your hands sparkle and contribute to the whole look of your appearance. Another reason is because you don’t have to use fake nails to get things done but you can simply polish your nails or even choose the sticker what you like the most to stick in your nails.

Nail designs are available in tons of choice – cute, pretty, simple or even sparkling one. You can choose which one you like the most for your nails. In addition, nail arts can work well with the current season. The fact that it is getting more popular, nail arts designs can be based on the season – fall, summer, winter or spring.

Nail Art Designs

For those who new to nail arts, it is better to get simple design to see whether you like it or not. Well, nail art can be done by applying several colors for your nails or using a picture too. And for the newbies, it is better to go with a simple design without any single picture – so you only go with a neutral colors as transparent, white or black. Any other colors are also possible if you like.

To do so, you can let your nails grow a little bitand the result will be perfect. As a base, you can choose transparent color of polish nail, and the decorating part on the top of your nail. You can simply ask for the colors or complete it with a simple design like cubic or flowery. If you are not a fan of those nail art with design, choose a single color (deep purple, for example) for all your nails and ask to give a graduation color (black looks good with deep purple though) near the end of your nails. So, ¾ of nails will be in a deep purple while the rest will be in black.

Many girls prefers to have pictures in their nails. If you like to do so, a transparent color and red color as a base and use it halfway of the nails. It is better to get the red color halfway to the top and choose a pink rose picture. It definitely looks stunning. Adding several stuffs to the nails is also possible. Nail constellation is available but make sure to choose similar or match colors with your nail colors. And usually it is used only in one or two nails only.