Micro Homes Floor Plans

Saturday, July 29th, 2017 - Floor Designs, House Designs

Live Simply Micro Homes Floor Plans

Micro homes movement is an architectural as well as social movement that advocates living minimally and simply in humble small homes. In the United States for example, the average size of a single family homes is 2,500 square feet in 2007. The sumptuous and pleonastic life as well as increasing material prestige are some of the reason on how micro homes floor plans invites people to return to the house less than 1,000 square feet. The bigger house consider ineffective, and cost the inhabitant higher for constructing, heating, repairing and maintenance. Furthermore, micro homes encourage a more uncomplicated life while also environmental friendly for the residents and its surroundings.

Micro homes are the answer for tight budget and for small family or a single person living space, with the touch of intimacy and cozy inviting design. Vertical space optimization is a common feature of micro homes and apartments. However, practically some of the micro homes floor plans also can be crafted as part of the secondary homes or cabin vacation homes. Small house then emphasize more to the design rather than size as well as employ dual purpose features and multi-functional furniture. The latest go-green technology on space saving equipment and appliances are also part of this kind of home.

If you consider gaining many benefits of this tiny space and decide to live in a micro home, there are some considerations in simplifying your life by choosing the best micro home according to your requirements. Keep in mind that actually the micro homes cost more per square feet comparing to large houses. The design also can be more complex as it needs smarter strategy to take advantage of all the space. Research the design that are suitable to your character as micro homes floor plans vary in their styles that are available from traditional classic design, chic contemporary to sleek modern design. Note that some design are offering rainwater collection, solar/wind power and composting toilets.

Think about your needs of the homes as a living space that can offer you comfortable space yet will not cause you any trouble. Make sure the micro home floor planscan fulfill your needs for relaxing space, hygiene, to even storage room. Be creative with the storage and multi-function furniture, and combining all the needs within one machine are some of the main keys of living in micro homes. In the same sense, you can also start to think to have lesser clothes and belongings. Moreover, don’t feel bad to leave behind all unneeded items or appliances.