Mickey Mouse Home Decor

Monday, June 26th, 2017 - Home Decor Model

Mickey Mouse Home Decor: Bring the Fantasy World

Mickey Mouse Home Decor is one of children’s favorite when it comes as their room’s decoration. As you know, Mickey Mouse is one of Disney famous characters. Mickey Mouse is also the first and the oldest Disney’s characters. It is no wonder that not only children like Mickey Mouse character but also adults like it too. It is probably because the adults were growing up together with Disney’s characters, especially Mickey Mouse character. Thus, there are so many items and souvenirs of Mickey Mouse characters available.

Mickey Mouse Home Decor Furnishings

Mickey Mouse Home Decor is available in many forms of items. You can find Mickey Mouse character items such as dolls, figurines, clocks, mugs, wallpapers, stickers, and many more. Mickey Mouse items are available in 2D and 3D designs. Moreover, Mickey Mouse is also famous for its head shape. There are so many items that are shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head. The shape is cute as it is spherical and has two little circles for the ears. You can find many Mickey Mouse Club House Decorations everywhere.

Mickey mouse bedding

Mickey mouse bedding

The most famous item for Mickey Mouse Home Decor is of course Mickey Mouse dolls. Mickey Mouse doll is one of the favorites for the children. Mickey Mouse dolls can be used as a decoration in your children’s bedroom and also as friends when your children are gone to sleep. In decorating the rooms with Mickey Mouse character, you can also consider having Disney Home Decor. Disney decor surely will be great because you can bring Disney’s fantasy world into your children’s rooms.

Mickey Mouse Home Decor Theme

As parents, you can choose Mickey Mouse Home Decor as the theme for the decoration in your children’s rooms. Mickey Mouse Home Decor will definitely be your children’s favourite. You can use Mickey Mouse wallpapers for the walls or you can have Mickey Mouse bed sheet. Moreover, you can also have Mickey Mouse characters for the rug. You can also collect Mickey Mouse character as it is available in many forms of items. Usually, you can collect for Mickey Mouse figurines and dolls.

Mickey Mouse Home Decor for Bedroom

As mentioned above, you can decorate the bedroom using Mickey Mouse Home Decor. Mickey Mouse character is perfect for the wallpapers, the bed and bed sheet, large rug, clock, and pillow in the bedroom. It will be fun to have Disney fantasy in the bedroom. Your children will be definitely happy with that. Moreover, the price for Mickey Mouse items is varied. You can get Mickey Mouse figurine from $13,00 to $24,00. You can also get Mickey Mouse decorative pillow for around $15,00.

You will need to be picky in choosing Mickey Mouse character as the decoration in the bedroom or the other rooms at your house. You also need to discuss first with your children in choosing the style and which pictures of Mickey Mouse that they like best. Choosing the right Mickey Mouse items can be confusing because there are so many of Mickey Mouse character items available in stores. So, have fun in choosing your Mickey Mouse Home Decor.