Lilly Pulitzer Home Decor

Thursday, June 15th, 2017 - Home Decor Model

Lilly Pulitzer Home Decor: Impressive Bedding Collection

Lilly Pulitzer home decor is the home decoration designed by Lily Pulitzer who is a famous fashion designer. The Lily Pulitzer, Inc. is the name company of her clothing lines. Most of the designs use a combination of bright colors. This brand actually focuses on the women’s clothing. Then, the company develops its product into children’s clothing, men’s clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelery, and bedding. The Lilly Pulitzer bedding product is the newest item released from the company.

Lilly Pulitzer Home Decor: The Pattern

The products of the Lily Pulitzer, Inc. become a highly attractive because of her unique and original design. The pattern of the cheery colour floral print fabric successfully brings this Lilly Pulitzer home decor style into a worldwide model. Even though she is not learning in designing a cloth formally, she proves that she can bring her passion out. It is started when she wore her designed a fancy dress that had colourfull pattern on it.

Lilly Pulitzer Philadelphia Ardmore

Lilly Pulitzer Philadelphia Ardmore

She did it to cover the stains of the juice when she worked in a juice stand at that time. In her own juice stand, many people adored her dress so much. Later, she began to sell her designed dress on her stand. Amazingly, she was able to sell more dresses than the juice. Because of it, she then focused on creatively making her own clothing style and then Lilly Pulitzer home decor.

Lilly Pulitzer Home Decor: The Bedding

As the bedroom is the place where you sleep, you need a comfort room that can relax your body and mind. To get that enjoyable bedroom, you can apply the Lilly Pulitzer home decor design that will surely give an energetic atmosphere. One of the decorations is by using the blue and white floral bedding or pink and white floral bedding on your green and white themed bedroom. You will feel the fresh ambience as you enter the room. The key point in this design is by using the various colours at once.

Lilly Pulitzer Home Decor: The Store

If you are interested in the details and designs of her work on Lilly Pulitzer home decor, you can directly go to the store. There are several branch stores she has, but you are lucky if you are living in North Carolina. It is because you can visit the Palm Avenue, the local store of Lily Pulitzer. This gorgeous store is the only and first lifestyle store. It means that you are able to find everything you need, from the beautiful clothing fashion to Lilly Pulitzer home decor.

This special store will enable you to see all of her collection at once. When you stand after the door way, you can find a stylish bedroom style in a colourful radiant spreading a cheery feeling around it. If you cannot go to the store, you may search it online to get the complete bedding Lilly Pulitzer home collection. Thus, you can decorate your plain bedroom into a gorgeous and colourfull one with Lilly Pulitzer home decor.