Jim Walters Homes Floor Plans

Thursday, June 29th, 2017 - Floor Designs

The American Dreams of Jim Walters Homes Floor Plans

Jim Walters Homes is marked as one of top ten builders of America for their contribution in changing the face of building industry in the country. The company closed down in 2009 and recently changing focus into global steel industry called Walter Energy. However, Jim Walters Home in the past is notable for branched out their home states, expanded their home plans design to attract wider range or consumers and increasing profit while also built distinctive quality houses for standard housing in America. Jim Walters Homes floor plans are actually part of what is known as “shell” houses, completing the outside part to be water tight and left the inside part for the homeowners to finish with their own labor. On the other hand, the company provides many products of the inside materials the customers needed.

Jim Walters Homes floor plans are known for their good quality yet divine in its simplicity, which can be adaptable for the most homes and suitable for any needs and lifestyles. Usually it is rather simple which enhance the country and traditional atmosphere, but delightful and unique look that can appeal may costumers. This tradition cannot be separated from the history of the company as well. The American real estate pioneer was initially focused on the soldiers returned home after the World War II to build their new American Dream homes in affordable price.

Even though they are no longer selling homes, the company still serves the warranty of the existing homeowners, despite the fact that the company also provides mortgage plans. Jim Walters Homes floor plans are still the answer for homeowners who search for trusted and comfortable home plans with lesser money. The floor plans are uncomplicated and can be easily constructed, because the floor management is rather simple and can be manufactured in relatively short time.

As part of the American Dream housing which the company succeeded with, Jim Walter Homes floor plans are in general offer the modern bungalow types of homes, which constructed and inspired housing design in America around the 1940s to 1970s. The house is focus on mill work, porch ceiling, siding, lumber finishing, building paper, and sash weight. It has many great windows and become the example of modern bungalow of the era which conveniently arranged with perfect lighting and ventilation. The material mainly lumber and brick, with bevel plate glass connecting the spacious porch into the large living room which has plaster arch ceiling beams as one of its trademarks.