Inspired of Hollywood Beauty Kitchen

Friday, July 14th, 2017 - Kitchen Designs

Inspiration of interior may come from everywhere include from Hollywood artists. They which used to live in luxury have high passion in their house design.

Beneath, 8 Hollywood artists who have inspired beauty kitchen:

  1. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

A couple of singer and model looks harmonious in every chance. Beside excellent in singing, chrissy is also skilled in cooking. In their beloved home, they have inspired beauty kitchen design. Modern and minimalist are its design. They put some furniture such as chairs and table.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence

White colored accent is dominated in Jennifer’s kitchen. This color impresses cleanliness. Wood element is lighted.

  1. Robin Williams

Robin Williams’ kitchen leads us to the beauty sight. When you let your couple eyes look outside from the windows, garden grape, theater hall and the city of California are a little piece of landscape that you have. Classic modern is the design he choose.

  1. Robbert pattinson

In robbert pattinson’s kitchen you will find a big dining table in the centre. It is made of wood. Modern impression is well known from his stainless steel furniture.

  1. Ellen degeneres

Ellen prefers countryside nuance. her kitchen is well applied it. A big number of her furniture is made of wood. carpet and fireplace give strong rustic feel.

  1. Rene zellweger

Modern is rene zellweger’s kitchen design. Modern equipments fill her inspired beauty kitchen. Her kitchen has eight stove and super jumbo stainless steel refrigerator.

  1. Jenipfer lopez

Jenifer lopez or J-Lo prefers white color so much. Most of all her kitchen equipments white colored.

  1. Sarah Jessica parker

Sarah Jessica parker has unique kitchen. There are seven fireplaces in her kitchen.

Well those are 8 hollywood artists who have inspired beauty kitchen. According to you, which is the most inspired one?