Ikea Office Furniture Design

Friday, August 29th, 2014 -
Ikea Office Furniture Design
IKEA office furniture: Ikea Office Furniture Design

IKEA perhaps deserves its “quintessential cult brand” as BusinessWeek puts it, but longevity is not part of the plus point. ARKELSTORP for example, is listed as made from solid wood and durable natural material. Nevertheless, the quality of the “wood” is in question and the “wood” veneer is easily peeling. However, speaking about its varied choices and relatively easy to assemble, along with its beautiful design, IKEA office furniture is something you still could consider, for providing a chance for you to mix and match parts to build your own office personality, and able to bring the artistic and innovative atmosphere to your office. While IKEA furniture may encourage you to tackle those to-do’s and wanna-do’s, it is actually fit better for individual items for temporary furniture solution and not a-long term office furniture investment. At this point, the theme chosen by IKEA for 2014 seems not off the mark too far.

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