Hunting Lodge Floor Plans

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 - Floor Designs

The Right on Target Hunting Lodge Floor Plans

Hunting lodge is a perfect hideout to relax. Located in the wood or mountain or next to the river and lake, this cabin will not just have to be practical in function but also architecturally tempting. There are a lot of type of hunting lodge floor plans that facilitate your desire for outdoor adventure while also offer you a comfort zone regarding to your personality and style preference. Here are some hunting lodge designs for inspiration in building your own ideal lair.

The chief elements to remember for this kind of home is indeed the look and feel of the architectural style, the size and distribution of the floor plans, as well as consideration on the material chosen. The most popular architectural style is perhaps the western style. The style characteristics are in general including large scale elements with large stone and log and numerous huge windows for unhindered views. The western style hunting lodge floor plans are featuring large great rooms, lofts and basement, massive fireplaces, incorporated prow and open decks for bounty of outdoor spaces.

Other common design style are the craftsman which highlights the horizontal pitch lines with deep overhangs, large porches and low pitched roofs. The floor exposed joist, rafter tails while the column pairs with intersecting shaft of light work and timber tether at eave trimmings, and has shingled gables and dormer along with double-hung windows. The sleeker hunting lodge floor plans and design are the northwest style. Exposed prominent use of wood, it has clean and straightforward design which focus to detail and exposed the natural elements it features. The house is pointing the importance of indoor – outdoor interaction, with huge amount of high windows to catch the sunlight and capture the view. The design has more modern lines for the exterior and adapt itself to the environment while also keep its energy consciousness.

For more elegant atmosphere, the French country architectural design is one of the options. The floor plans for this kind of outdoor shelter is put huge consideration on the windows which usually has elliptical and arched windows with shutters, many small windows and double hung, divided light windows. The floor lines also illustrate the courtyard entries with low stone walls and slender fascia lines, while the roof is asymmetrical with steeper roof pitches and elliptical roofs are shown at the smaller dormers. However all those hunting lodge floor plans are actually can be modified as the inspiration for your rustic style homes, and you can grasp the natural outdoor feeling even though you live in the suburbs.