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Thursday, October 12th, 2017 - Floor Designs

The Huge Mansion Floor Plans in The Great Gatsby Spectacular Movie Set

The spectacular set of the movie The Great Gatsby, directed by BazLurhmann, becomes popular conversation since the movie released last year. Set on the Gold Coast of Long Island in the age of classic Jazz, the movie captures the lavish lifestyle of the era represented in the residences of the movie character, the notably Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan. For Gatsby, designer Catherine Martin supervised more than 40 individual huge mansion floor plans before finally build, paint, and decorate the Gatsby mansion which feature grand ballroom, library, master bedroom, entrance hall, terrace and garden in do their best to perform the greater period of authenticity.

The huge mansion floor plans and design for the residence were based on the beauty of early 20th century mansions of Long Island’s NorthShore such as OhekaCastle and BeaconTowers. The great mansion is in some essence also gaining the insight from French city hall. The exterior of Gatsby’s mansion is taking inspiration from Gothic Revival building of the former St. Patrick’s Seminary; while the grand interior of Gatsby’s vast ballroom features a gold-filigreed ceiling embellished with flamboyant crystal chandeliers, ivory tiles, window towering columns, and serpentine staircase.

Lake Austin Mansion's floorplans

Lake Austin Mansion’s floorplans

The Gatsby’s bedroom has more traditional arched windows with harlequin-pattern wall layering of silk intersect with ribbons of wood. The décor is precisely enhancing the 1920s glamour with Art Deco style rug and luxuriantly richly polished hardwoods. As F. Scott Fitzgerald, the writer of the Great Gatsby novel puts it in a metaphor to depict the big turf of the house and help us imagining the huge mansion floor plans according to the novel: “The lawn started at the beach and ran toward the front door, jumping over sun-dials and brick walls, finally when it reached the house”.

The other mansion in the movie, the residence of Tom and Daisy Buchanan is richly inspired by OldWestburyGarden in Long Island. The Georgian style of the huge mansion floor plans is using the red and white brick as the center of attention as well as French mansion style for windows with deluxe ambiance of Hollywood Regency and Art Deco furnishings in the cozy sitting room. The neo classical style was typical and the Palladio motive with colons was popular. All the design is integrated in contemporary art and formal gardens which successfully bring the avarice yet naivety of the high class society the story represent. However, the floor plans are indeed brings the exquisiteness of close connection between the indoor and the nature to make the house charming and more inviting.