Home Design Game Review: Home Design Story for Android

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 - Tips And Guide

Who says you can’t start building up a house with the most playful way possible? You can realize your dream of having one by playing a home design game called Home Design Story. Lucky to you, Android users, there are so many applications and games that you can freely download from store as loyal companions during your spare times. This game isn’t an exceptional. Play this game through your Android devices to decorate and personalize your own home of dreams. With ranging house models like country cabin and modern mansion, you can design a house based on what you decide.

This home design game encouraging slogan is that you’ll always be able to, “Dream huge, decorate for life, and become the world’s most popular designer”. It is true that you can achieve anything. Though you haven’t been able to do it in real life, this game has been more than enough to satisfy your needs, both of entertainment thirst and endless lasting imaginary thoughts. There will be no boundary while you trying to make up your own best living place ever. Mention it; the game created by TeamLava provides the most complete features for a whole building or particular rooms.

You must be really curious about what this magical home design game’s got. First off, you can personalize as much as you want. As you may have wished for, there are enormous collections of retro, deco, vintage, and many other items to accentuate your space. Beautify your home completely with wallpaper, floorboards and art works. By the time you successfully decorate the house to the highest score you can reach, you will be able to unlock more gorgeous pieces. Don’t forget to take care of your garden and patio with exotic plants. Be ready for prestigious awards and weekly updates.

Moreover, you can invite your friends to play along and feel the happiness together. No need to worry if later you will find yourself bored of playing this home design game because, yes, you can share the game to your contacts to celebrate the good feelings of playing a virtual home constructing. Link also your results to social media accounts like Facebook to show people how talented you really are in this major. Home Design Story is the best you could ever get. Have your device connected to the internet and enjoy the eye-friendly design graphic and mesmerizing furniture visualization!