Floor Plans for Narrow Lots

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 - Floor Designs

Affordable Homes by Using Floor Plans for Narrow Lots

If you are after an affordable compact home, floor plans for narrow lots that could maximize the space of land that you have might be a great option for you to use. It is one of the many ideal plans that you could choose to do especially if you are living in a crowded city or even on a smaller lot. Leading designers and architects would be able to help you utilize your home space in many imaginative ways. Some would feature a house with back-loading garages, some with front porch that include a front and back yard, or some might even with no garage attached to the home at all. These options could be chosen to suit your needs just fine as how you want your home to be.

Floor plans for narrow lots are creatively designed to maximize limited space while maintaining the functionality of the house itself to accommodate the family that is going to live inside it. Since by using this idea of a plan, you would definitely be able to save up more money on land especially if you are looking to build your house in an established neighborhood or a more developed urban area where lots are usually slimmer (still could be expensive per square meter). Before you do your house planning when you are going to build a house, make sure that you meet your local building code limitations for size or footprint with a house that utilizes every square foot well.

Urban areas tend to have smaller and narrow lots especially because the land is in short supply in the area. Houses might be built a lot closer to each other even though they have deep rear yards with plenty of rooms to roam around. Smaller single family homes or detached row-houses are popular floor plans for narrow lots that have been used by many people these days. Most of home owners that are building their homes in this type of land usually prefer to build their house up high to two or three stories high to maximize the land and space that they have. For home owners that have tighter budgets for building their houses, they usually start with future plans for expansions rather than doing them all at once in the beginning of the construction of the house.

There are many different types of houses that could be done with floor plans for narrow lots, for whatever reasons home owners might have. They could choose to build Victorian style of a home, Cozy Bungalow style or even traditional Cape Cod houses. Home owners could still project elegance and luxury through the exterior design of the house by using thin columns, narrow windows or steeply pitched roofs while adding small front porches for the house curbs appeals. There are also different materials that could be chosen from to support any kind of style of houses that they choose to build with.