Floor Plans for Ranch Style Homes

Friday, July 28th, 2017 - Floor Designs

The American Taste: Floor Plans for Ranch Style Homes

Ranch style homes is a domestic architectural style originating in the United States, most notably is in California which makes it also called as California rambler. The first western-inspired ranch style homes were built on the early of 20th century, and became popular within the booming of the middle class after World War II. The population explosion and the expansion of the suburbs as well as the immense housing demand of the period also associated with the popularity of this kind of homes in America. In 1970s the popularity was coming to an end, before the revival of the design taken place in the 1990s. However, the floor plans for the ranch style homes are not aiming brand new home construction rather renewed in the existing ranch homes.

The house typically single story even though more ranches housing today are constructed as a split level and split foyer home plans with room for expansion and variation, as well as the possibility of having a finished basement and integrated to built-in garage. The floor plans for ranch style homes are characterized with elongated, close-to-the-ground profile in horizontal layout with a side- or cross-gabled and hipped low pitched roof. Commonly in asymmetrical rectangular shape, the ranch style house has simple and open floor plans with minimal exterior and interior detailing.

The key features of the homes are also including wide picture windows with few interior walls, vaulted ceiling with exposed beams and decorative shutters. Other traits of the floor plans for the ranch style homes are the efficient use of space with sliding glass door leading to the back patios, narrow supports for veranda and porches, as well as large overhanging eaves. The home’s exterior is highly influence by colonial, craftsman, and Spanish or Tudor style; nevertheless the decorative details are minimal. The use of wood and bricks, or the combination of both, along with stucco and glass are common material of the ranch style homes. The trim for the interior and exterior of ranch style homes are generally simple and rustic.

The simple floor plans for ranch style homes are usually divided into living wing and sleeping wing; in addition to the living room which is generally combined with the dining areas, along with a hallway leads to the family room and bedrooms in the opposite wings. The simple and cost effective construction of ranch style homes makes it perfect for starter homes and those who prefer single-living or mid-century style lover. Floor plans for ranch style homes are the amalgamation of American Western working ranches and modernist ideas and style in crafting a casual living style.