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Monday, July 24th, 2017 - Extension Designs

Extension Ideas for Small Houses

Nowadays, people are searching modern extension ideas for their house, especially the small one. One thing for sure, you don’t have to use your garden to have house extension. There are many types of extension to save your garden and also your money.

Extension Ideas: Adding Spaces

For a single storey house, the extension ideas could be the porch extension, conservatories, or just extra bedroom, kitchen, and living room. Having a porch usually just took a little space so it doesn’t matter. The good thing about having porch is you have space to receive guests and place to enjoy a little sunlight with a cup of tea. Then your guest room could transform into another room too. So, you’ll have double benefit if you extend your house by adding a porch. Another extension you could make is conservatories. But in a tropical area, conservatories are rarely made because the sun is usually too hot to be trapped inside conservatories. The one extension which is popular is extension of bedroom, kitchen, or living room. For single storey house, it’s very easy and it doesn’t disturb other part of the room.

If you need to make a very big space, you can extend your single storey house into double storey house. But this is not as simple as you think. These extension ideas will absorb your money because usually the single storey house doesn’t have foundation to support another level. So you have to break down the first floor then rebuild the foundation. Just for suggestion, check your house specification before trying this extension ideas for single storey and double storey house in case some permit needed.

White House Extension Ideas

White House Extension Ideas

Extension Ideas: Conversions

Probably the best extension ideas are to convert the garage into extra room. Some house already has fences and extra lot to park the car. With this condition, the garage could be transformed into any room you needed. You can make a bigger kitchen or make a place for work if you are working at home. It could be a business lot too, remember the words “garage sale”? And if you don’t have another place to park the car, use the basements or room on the roof to make extra space for you. These extension ideas using conversions are very applicable and simple.

No matter what kind of extension you want to make, don’t forget to check the permission in your country or province to make sure you do it legally. The house extension usually over budget, so you have to prepare extra expenses for your extension ideas.