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Balsa Wood Co2 Car Designs

Do you know someone who loves to design or build a little car? If yes, CO2 Dragster must be a familiar term for them. It is one school technology that helps its students to be able to do project in order to design, test and modify the miniature of real life AA Fuellers based on their speed and power. Boys surely love this stuff.

CO2 showroom often showcases the amazing cars with various styles that are designed by talented students. Through this article, you will see some CO2 cars design ideas that can inspire you to get the idea for your real car.

What Are CO2 Cars?

Before going further, let’s talk a bit about what CO2 car is. It is possible that people are still clueless about the meaning of CO2 cars. It refers to the small car that can be built or designed by a person. This can also be different based on the person who uses it. Some people might think CO2 car as a learning tool where they can build a new car while some people think it as a toy.

Designing a new CO2 car can be challenging for those who experience it for the first time. Not limited to the students from that school, anyone can also do that as long as they can be creative and follow their imagination in building a new car. The cars can travel down a 20m track and it is powered by 8 gr CO2 gas bulbs. The bulbs are pierced using a gate with a ‘hammer’ that is triggered to the end of the track. What makes it better is these cars can be raced at once per dragster racing in the real life. Awesome, right? Overall, this CO2 car is a 1:20 scaled down version to the real car.

Balsa Wood Co2 Car Designs

Balsa Wood Co2 Car Designs

Design of CO2 cars

There are numerous design of CO2 cars shown at the gallery of the website. The cars are available in many colors such as blue, pink, black, yellow, orange and many more. And all those cars offer different kind of design. A red CO2 car, for example, gives the feeling of real car with a driver inside and long hood and the engine behind.

You can explore more pictures and CO2 cars design ideas in their showroom by visiting the link above. Find your favorite design and make over your own real car.

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