Cleaning Fungus on the Wall Easily

Thursday, July 6th, 2017 - Tips And Guide

Fungus often appears on the wall of the houses which is humid. This condition is caused by seepage of the rain water, water pipe or water leak from the air conditioner. The appearance of fungus on the house wall makes the interior look bad and unpleasant smell. The worst, it can make the wall damaged easily. Fungus can also increase the risk of allergies when inhaled spores come to the respiratory tract.

If fungus thrives on the wall, then not only paint of the wall that will be changed but also the wall can be fragile. The initial symptoms only look abeamstain on certain areas. But sooner or later the wall paint can flake off. If this condition keeps going, the wall will be porous. Therefore, fungus on the wall had to be overcome.

Cleaning the moldy house wall actually is easy. Some material that can be found easily in the house can be a tool to clean it. Here is how to clean the fungus on the house wall easily:

1. Prepare tools such as rubber gloves, masks, long-sleeved clothing and sprayer.

2. Mix carbolic and water in a ratio of 1: 3. If does not have any carbolic at home, it can be replaced by a detergent which is containing bleach clothes.

3. Spray the solution on the moldy house wall. If you do not have a spray, you could have sparked a mixture of carbolic acid solution and the water on the wall’s area which is overgrown by fungus.

4. Take a few moments.

5. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

In the easy case, the steps above are powerful enough to clean fungus. But, in the heavier case it can be solved by using certain products that are specifically designed to clean stubborn fungus.

Fungus cleaning products are usually made of chemicals. The materials are designed specifically to clean the fungus. But do not ever try to mix the product with others because it may cause a dangerous chemical reaction.