Cheap Fence Ideas

Friday, October 6th, 2017 - Garden Designs

Cheap Fence Ideas You Should Try

Nowadays, people do not merely concern on the interior of the house but also to the outdoor appearance as well and one way to do that is by building a fence. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of money, especially when the homeowners decide to use the most attractive designs of fence. It does upgrade the outer appearance but people need to realize the function of fence instead of using it only for an aesthetic purpose.

Inexpensive hand crafted privacy fence panels

Inexpensive hand crafted privacy fence panels

Of course, it will be better if the homeowners can get both aesthetic and the function. But for those who have limited budget and still want to install a fence, take a look on these inexpensive materials that can be used to get cheap fence ideas below.

Bamboo Fence

Fence offers several kinds of inexpensive materials which also has their distinct aesthetic. And bamboo can be a right option as it is less expensive but it lasts longer compared to wood fence. Sometimes, people do not realize that bamboo fence is easier to install than wood fence so it requires lower installation costs.

Mesh Fence

The next cheap fence ideas is applying plastic mesh fence. Back to the basic function of fence that is used to keep the garden and pets, mesh fence can be a good option as it is not expensive. For those who plan to have an attractive fence, mesh fence is not what you are looking for of course as it is based on its function. But, the fact that it is affordable, easy to install and practical made mesh fence to be on the list to get inexpensive cheap fence.

Wood Fence Panels

For those who want to get both aesthetic and inexpensive materials, wood can be a solution. The installation is pretty fast and easy compared to the others fence choice. Wood fence panels also offer privacy but still consider as the most affordable option. Yet, the panels of the fence are prefabricated; it means that they are not easily adapted to the requirements of particular places.

Wire Fence

The last solution of cheap fence ideas is installing a wire fence. This type of fence is usually used for containing large livestock like horses and cattle. Wire fence also has smaller size that can be used to keep smaller animals like goats and sheep. If you are going to choose wire fence, make sure you are going to get a high-tensile wire than barbed wire as it is less expensive and easier in installation.