Casita Floor Plans

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017 - Floor Designs

The Flexible Casita Floor Plans

Casita is derived from Spanish word means small house. In architectural housing term, casita refers to a small house or apartment integrated to single family house that form a self-contained house and can be regarded as well as an accessory unit to the main home. However, casita floor plans can also separate the main house as a freestanding unit; at some cases, the casita even has its own entrance. Casita is synonym to mother-in-law suite, presumably intended for residency of the mother-in-law or relatives whiles it can be rented out to outsiders too. The type of house is widespread in Mexico and the southwest part of United States.

Casita has a long journey historically and culturally. There was one time when the definition of this type of home makes reference to a rough and tiny quarters as part of a slum area where the laborers in the southwestern United State settled; while the more contemporary use of the term belongs to a luxurious bungalow purposing as private guest lodging at the resort in the southwestern United States or Mexico. More residential developers recently took the expression into a more international recognition as guest accommodations in a residential site. Whatever it is, casita floor plans typically have one bedroom integrated to one bath suite that possibly has limited kitchen facility, along with outdoor fireplace, patio and wet bar.

Homes with casita are the combination of outdoor living and multigenerational family house. The semi-private suite offers extra space and freedom while also can perform as peaceful home office or library. The style of the house can be ranging from Mediterranean Tuscan home, Spanish home, Southwest inspired, Neoclassical and country ranch to coastal or plantation cottage. The great indoor and outdoor living connection of the casita floor plans usually laid the casita suite next to the spacious outdoor area and pool area as well as breezeway and covered patio.

Private porch in a form of cabana is also favorite feature for casita floor plans for it can booze the private sensation or the retreat impression of the casita. The separate structure can be located in the far other side of the screened porch of the main home estate or connected to the main house by the gate house which also functions as the main entry of the house. If the space is feasible, casita can also have it owns garage along with veranda and courtyard access.