Carriage House Floor Plans

Thursday, July 13th, 2017 - Floor Designs

The Traditional Beauty of Carriage House Floor Plans

Also mentioned as remise or coach house, a carriage house is an out building of large manors which was initially built as the landing spot for the horse-drawn carriages and the associated tack. Some includes simple living space above for the staff that had the duty to take care the horses and carriages. The house was typically one story building with open fronted and spaced pillar supported roof which found nearby the stable and roadways for direct access to the fields. Nowadays, carriage house floor plans sometimes referred closely to garage apartment, a detached garage design with sheltered parking on the first level and finished living space on the upper level.

Carriage house in the modern times have been indeed modified from their original function for other means to please wide range of today’s building needs. Carriage house floor plans can serve various purposes of housing and building. It can perform as a single family home or secondary suite for the teenager of the family or in-law suite which provide more privacy yet still in the same compound. Since it is separated from the main home, carriage house offers a quiet and calm atmosphere hence perfect for workshop, studio, out-of-home office, or just simple retreat gateway. Its impressive and historical nature also popular for antique-inspired business such as antique shops or classic old time style restaurant and bar; but also a great accommodation for guest house, automobile garage and storage building.

Exterior style of the carriage houses today are vary, but still charming and bring the sense of classic ornamentation. Usually the carriage house floor plans still included features initiate the charm of main barn house style. Cupola roofs and dormer windows are the common parts, as well as the attractive scallop trim and shutters. The garage doors still imitate the signature tongue-and-groove sliding wood barn doors and the ventilation transform into large windows for plenty of natural lights on the interior.

The layouts of the carriage house are in general still pursuing authenticity of the traditional architectural design but vaguely different task. The wings now are not to manage carriage but for automobiles with can be integrated with small workshop and laundry area. The upper floor is not again for storing buggies paraphernalia but designed for living space, a compact yet comfortable private apartment include a family room, bathroom, and bedrooms. Craftsman is one of the favorite and convenient carriage house floor plans. The style is perfect for sloping terrain, with the staircase leading up from the garage. The compact yet natural beauty if offers make the floor plans also work well for vacation home or cabin house.