Butterfly Home Decor Tips

Thursday, October 19th, 2017 - Home Decor Model
Butterfly Home Decor Ideas

Fun Butterfly Home Décor Tips

As the amazing creatures which come in most distinctive and radiant colors, butterflies are exceptional and unique. Butterfly is the symbol of love and ecstasy, as well as luck and transformation which can energize the vivacious energy, make us truly feel alive. It can create a connection with the natural environs and presenting harmony and balance into our hectic life. With all these philosophy, no wonder butterfly is one of the most favorable graphic for living space or office. Able to fit well to any kind of room to decorate, here are some butterfly home décor tips.

One of the important butterfly home décor tips in opting for butterfly to decorate a personal space like bedroom, kid’s room, or bathroom, is by selecting particular accents with unique character significance. For instance, beautify the wall of your daughter’s room with a butterfly, and have her name written next to it. You can also have a crystal figurine of a butterfly with your name carved on it to revamp your bathroom. Bathroom is indeed a place you should not forget for butterfly prints. Use it as a hanging over a tub or small powder room.

Large butterfly decoration as a main point of your room is another smart butterfly home décor tips. A larger item such as butterfly shaped mirror for the living room is an exceptional piece for the idea. Small butterfly accessories or pictures are a nice idea to adorn medium sized shelves in the children room or in the corridor as well as the foyer. If you wish to feature multicolor photo of butterflies, it is better to paint the backdrop with a more traditional and natural color palette. Choose a color from the butterfly wings and think about the lighter version of the color for you to opt as the backdrop color. As to make a butterfly mural as the accent, decide two different shade of paint of the color preferable, a lighter one and the darker one.

Think of a more elegant form of butterflies? Go to antique stores and if you are lucky, you can find plates with butterfly engraving, or have yourself an embroidered butterfly for your cushion. Butterflies framed in bright color are also another awesome alternative of butterfly home décor tips that can bring in the rich colors it offers to the room. Furthermore, all these pieces can serve as a vintage item as well as fit perfectly for modern interior home.