Backyard Fountains Ideas

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Build a Beautiful Backyard Water Fountain

There are several methods you can use when it comes to building a backyard water fountain. They are made out of several different kinds of material such as copper, bronze, stone, fiberglass and steel. Building a backyard fountain is not a hard task, but it does call for a lot of labor. Many people enjoy the sound that comes from their fountains because they help to relieve stress or helps them to relax. People with allergies enjoy their fountains because they help increase the levels of humidity and decrease the amount of dust particles in the air.

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Backyard Fountains Ideas

One of the ways to build a backyard water fountain will be to use a small water pump placed in a small tub or over a liner. You can cover the liner using rocks and pebbles. Using a PVC pipe connected to the pump will cause the water to rise up out of the rocks. You can use rocks or pebbles to cover up your electrical lines. If you have a backyard water fountain that you purchased, the directions should let you know what size pump you will need. The pump may come with the fountain. Alternatively, you may dig a hole that will fit the shape and depth of your pond liner. You can select a shallow pond liner for this project unless you want to have a pond that is deep enough for koi or plants. You will need to be sure you remove any type of rocks or debris from the hole before you lay down your liner. Place your liner in the hole and make sure the liner is level with a smooth surface beneath it. Once you have the liner in place, the edges of the liner should be just above the ground’s surface.

Most people use mortar to spread around the perimeter of the liner. You can place river rocks around the edges of the liner so that they will help your fountain blend in to your landscaping in a more natural way. You can also put other decorative items that may be appealing around the liner’s perimeter. It is wise to keep your pets in mind when building your water fountain. You do not want them to think of the fountain as their backyard drinking source! It is a good idea to consider putting a small decorative fence around your fountain. You can cover up the pump with a nylon stocking. This will prevent any type of debris from clogging the pump mechanism. In order to keep the pump in place, you can attach it to a brick with a large rubber band. The stocking will go over the section that creates the fountain spray. Place the pump in the middle of the pond liner and if you need it elevated, you can use bricks for that. Before turning on the pump, fill the fountain liner with water. You can adjust the sprayer nozzle for your fountain until it is to your liking.