average bathroom remodel cost

Thursday, September 18th, 2014 -
average bathroom remodel cost
Average Cost Of Bathroom Remodel: average bathroom remodel cost

Here are how to define the cost; you will need about $2000 merely for labor, other materials, and shower faucet. Then you will also spend about $4000 until $5000 for tile work and $2500 for frameless glass. Next, for toilet it will cost approx. $200-$500 and for bathtub (jetted) is about $1500 until $5000. The last but not least, you will also spend amount $1000 and up to $3000 for granite depend on its quality. The average cost you see is not for typical basic remodeling but for people who demand something more. However, as it said before places can also determine the estimation of average cost of bathroom remodel.

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