American Home Decor

Sunday, October 15th, 2017 - Home Decor Model
American home decor

Limitless Historical Inspiration for American Home Decor

The first American decorating style is the colonial style which embarks from 15th century to 17th century of the new promising land. The colonial style home in general is in clean and simple lines of English architecture while the furniture is more in curved lines, with mahogany is the most desired wood for the home interior. The color palette is natural, muted color tones. Cream is the most common basic color for the walls and woodwork, while barn red, mustard yellow, taupe, deep green and gentle blue are also features as the accent. Intense upholstered fabrics with button tufting and intricate trims are obvious for the style of this certain American home decor.

The classical style of American home design includes two main architectural styles. The formal look of the style represents in the spacious and airy rooms of Federal homes with its spiral staircases and complicated wood paneling as well as Corinthian columns on doors and window. As for the casual look of Colonial American home decor, Georgian homes is one of the most popular with its wood floorboards and paneled fireplace as well as small panes of sash windows.

A more modern style of American home decorating inspiration has more natural and neutral colors that emphasize the airy and light rooms with clean and straight lines. Geometric shapes and angles are important for the style; therefore most of the furniture has to be squared as possible. Modern American home decor fancies the natural lights and incorporated various reflective surfaces like steel, chrome and glass. Concrete, linoleum, granite and dark lacquered wood is also important material of the home. Emerged in the late 19th century, the style mostly owe the inspiration from outside America, such as German Bauhaus for the design and Scandinavian for its practical simplicity.

After the World War was over, the American home interior style is more into organic with hand-made elements but as for the furniture the home is usually featuring the most up to date mass produce manufacturing techniques. The colors are basically in warm natural palette while the patterns are more to geometrical with strong curves in capricious motifs. Ample windows as well as sliding doors and comfy veranda are common to bring in more natural skylights and motifs in this American home decor namely as mid-century modern decoration design. Entering the 1970s, the decorating style were becoming more contemporary, incorporating many elements from the previous era in minimalist designs. The colors palette is ranging from neutral to gallant bright colors, in harmony with its bold and stark spaces and design.