2013 Home Decor Trends

Thursday, July 6th, 2017 - Home Decor Model
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2013 Home Decor Trends Features

The contemporary history as well as culture describe in the period frame that is referred to as “present day” with the new trend given, it is significantly classified as modern-age. From the last millennium in the 20th century to the early millennium in 21st century, there are no strict differences of concept in fashion, art, design and architecture especially in modern terms. This is surely what happened in 2013 home decor trends. The modern term come with the distinctions from old to classic which really refers to new, simple and minimalist being represented. Nowadays though, it has developed into more elaborate, complicated and high end even for home designs.

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The 20th century and 21st century both took the same purpose in equal modern symbolization especially with 2013 home décor trends with neo-modern terms in mixing upholstery style like classic and vintage together. This combination of style has purposely been done to be more complicated and unclear in its characteristics to produce a new trend in the home design community. With that being said, there are really no strict rules when designing your home. You could freely combine different elements and decoration themes for your home to make it feel and look more interesting and comfortable to live in. For example, in color combinations, various different colors could be used from one monochromatic to contrast black and white walls combined with classic gold chandeliers could be done to promote an elegant yet modern look for your home.

What Are The Latest Trends In Home Decorating

What Are The Latest Trends In Home Decorating

Despite the minimalist design or no decoration theme that was done, 2013 home decor trends are more focused on artistic point of view for the overall look of the house. You could use the nostalgic theme of The Beetle by using metal crafted painting to give more of a luxurious image to the room inside your home such as your living room. Having an art decoration inside the rooms in your home, you have to pay attention to its details, size and function so that they won’t look messy, cluttered or useless, so that your home could be more comfortable and loveable to live in.

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Due to the dynamic-lifestyle issues in contemporary home design, culture and history, 2013 home decor trends could be arranged completely with hybrids or combinations of different elements in its decorations. High-end technologies are also incorporated when designing the home such as LED touch screen refrigerator, smart remote to control curtains, lamps, TV, air conditioner and even to operate the door. Today’s trend is more simple and practical in its use like temperature sensor fixtures for lighting and motions sensor faucet or glass door.